NorthLink ships docked in Shetland

Can I travel with firearms and ammunition?

Carriage of Firearms and Ammunition Policy

The safe transport of firearms is strictly regulated on all routes, passengers wishing to travel with firearms and/or ammunition should reference the Conditions of Carriage and be prepared to assist staff in fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Passengers should declare the firearms and/or ammunition at the time of booking and then again discreetly during check-in. You will be asked to provide your firearms licence for inspection and to surrender the firearm and/or ammunition.

For passengers travelling with a vehicle the firearm or ammunition may remain in the vehicle if NorthLink Ferries is satisfied that it is appropriately secured, confirmation will be given by a ships officer onboard during embarkation.

Your firearm/ammunition will be returned to you at the arrival port and you will be escorted from the port by security.

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