Family and Friends discount – Terms and Conditions

  1. Islanders nominating Family and Friends households must be aged 16 years or over and have a valid NorthLink Islander ID.
  2. Up to 3 Family and Friends households can be nominated by an Islander at a time. However if Islanders wish to nominate more, please revisit the Family and Friends form.
  3. All nominees will receive an email on the next working day containing a link to an opt-in form on the NorthLink website.
  4. We encourage nominated households to check their Junk Mail folders and Islanders to ensure that the email address they supply for their nominee is correct. Please note; if a nominee has previously indicated that they would not like to receive emails from NorthLink Ferries, we will not be able to send them this email.
  5. Once the nominated household has filled in the opt-in form they will automatically receive their Family and Friends discount ID and Password via email, which they can use to make their booking.
    Click here to view the 2020 Family and Friends discount prices.
  6. The period of Family and friends discounted travel runs from 7th January to 14th June 2020 and 1st September to 17th December 2020.
  7. Sailings covered during this period are detailed below:
    Hamnavoe sailings.
    Hjaltland and Hrossey sailings (excluding Friday southbound and Sunday northbound sailing.)
  8. The Family and Friends discount applies to passengers and their cars including people carriers, 4x4s, motorbikes, motorhomes, domestic vans and cars with caravans or trailers. Subject to available deck space.
  9. Cabin accommodation is not covered by the discount.
  10. Previously distributed Family and Friends IDs and Passwords can be used again.
  11. Nominees must create a valid Family and Friends ID and password to receive the discount.
  12. The 30% Family and Friends discount cannot be used in conjunction with the 10% concessions discount, the NorthLink sponsorship programme or any other concessionary schemes. If you wish to access a concessionary discount outwith Family and Friends discount dates, please don’t log in with a Family and Friends ID.
  13. Retrospectively the discount can be applied to journeys already booked but not for journeys already taken during the promotional period – to gain your discount on journeys already booked during the promotional period, please email or phone 0845 6000 449 or 01856 885500.
  14. After emailing nominated Family and Friends members, NorthLink Ferries will then delete the information we store about your nominated Family and Friends. Nominated parties will receive no further communication from NorthLink Ferries, unless they consent to it, or are nominated again.
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