Internet access

NorthLink Ferries are pleased to offer complimentary Internet access in all public areas and in all cabins onboard MV Hjaltland, MV Hrossey and MV Hamnavoe.

To use the wi-fi service all you need is a wireless enabled laptop or handheld device with the wi-fi switch in the ‘on’ position. A wi-fi internet service is also available in all cabins, though some cabins have an ethernet port which will also enable you to connect to the internet via an ethernet cable.

Will the system work at sea?

Yes. The system uses Satellite to continuously access the internet.

My Computer says ‘connected’ but I can’t browse any websites?

Check your browser settings and make sure your Proxy settings are switched ‘off’.
If you are on a windows PC try opening a ‘DOS’ box ( and type ‘ipconfig’ Your laptop should have been assigned an address 192.168.0.x where x is a number between 1 and 254. If the address strarts 169.x.x.x then try running the command ‘ipconfig/renew’
Please ensure your device is set to ‘DHCP’ you’ll find this setting in the ‘Network Settings’ of your device.

Most ‘internet’ devices will work. NorthLink have tested Laptop PC’s, Macs, Blackberry, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. If your device works at other Wi-Fi ‘hotspot’s it should work onboard the Hjaltland, Hrossey and Hamnavoe.

In my cabin, can I use my own ethernet (Cat5) cable?

Yes. Premium, Executive and some Inner 4 berth cabins have dedicated Network sockets and any suitable ethernet/Cat5 or RJ45 ‘patch’ cable should work.

Can I use Wi-Fi in my cabin?

Yes. A wi-fi internet service is available in all cabins.

Can I use the BBC iPlayer to view programs?

No. Due to the nature of the Satellite and the available bandwidth this is not possible.

I can’t connect to the Wi-Fi signal. What do I do?

Make sure the Wi-Fi ‘Switch’ on the front/side of your device is set to “on” and you can see the NORTHLINK connection or SSID. There is no WPA or WEP security key to enter.

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