If you don’t have a cabin you can still freshen up with our showers on the Hjaltland and Hrossey.

There are four unisex public showers in total

  • One is a family / accessible shower located midship on deck 6
  • The other three are shower / toilets located at the forward starboard side of deck 6, between the Longship Bar and the Sleeping Pod Lounge. 
  • One of these showers is for the exclusive use of passengers who have purchased Sleeping pods.

Shower tokens cost £3 and if you require a towel this can be hired for £2 (with a £5 returnable deposit). Tokens are available from the reception, bar and shop, and towels are available from the reception and shop.

The showers have shower gel dispensers filled with Shetland Soap (as per cabins and public toilets) so there’s no need to take your own shampoo! The showers last for 5 minutes (a beeping noise goes off one minute before the shower stops!) Each shower also has a dry area to enable you to get dressed!

Where are the showers located?

The Family / accessible shower is located midship, at the top of the midship stairs. The other three showers are located forward at the entrance to the Sleeping Pod Lounge. All showers are Unisex

How does the shower work?

On entering the shower you’ll see a box with a digital display and a coin slot. Tokens must be entered in here. These tokens cost £3 and can be purchased from the reception desk, the Northern Isles shop and the bar. The tokens will give you a 5 minute long shower. A beeping noise will go off one minute before shower stops. There is a dry area in each shower to allow you to get dressed.

Is shampoo / shower gel available in the shower or would you have to buy it from the shop?

Shetland Soap shower gel is available for free in a dispenser in all showers as per cabins and public toilets.

Is there a hairdryer available in the public shower?

Though there are hairdryers in showers in cabins, there are no hairdriers in the public showers.

Can you take a shower at any time – even during the night?

You can use the shower any time as long as you have a shower token.

Can you tell if the showers are occupied?

As per public toilet door locks, a red lock on the shower indicates that it is in use and a white lock indicates that it is available. The shower exclusive to the Sleeping Pod Lounge is controlled by cards which are issued to those who purchase a Sleeping Pod.

Where is the baby changing area now?

Baby changing facilities are available in the family / accessible shower midship on deck 6 and also in the accessible toilet located in the midship foyer area on the starboard side of deck 6.

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