NorthLink Ferries Hatston terminal, Kirkwall, Orkney

Hatston Bus Service

A bus transfer service for NorthLink ferry passengers in Orkney is available to meet with NorthLink’s evening sailings to and from Hatston Pier. This service is operated by Stagecoach on behalf of Orkney Islands Council.

Passengers travelling from the West Mainland area should note the X1 service timetable as detailed below. Please be aware this new service runs earlier than the previous bus. Scheduled times, daily as per NorthLink outbound/inbound timetable, are as follows:

Service X1

2105   Stromness Travel Centre
2110   Brig O Waithe
2120   Finstown
2130   Hatston Bus Depot (dropping off at Hatston Ferry Terminal)

Service X10

2245   Kirkwall Hotel
2250   Kirkwall Travel Centre
2300   Hatston Long Stay Car Park
2310   Hatston Passenger Terminal
2320   Kirkwall Ayre Hotel
2330   Finstown
2345   Stromness Travel Centre

Although these are the registered times – the bus can be hailed as it travels along the following route: Kirkwall (Kirkwall Hotel Shore Street) via Harbour Street, Burgh Road, Castle Street, Kirkwall (Travel Centre), Junction Road, Pickaquoy Road, Grainshore Road, Hatston Pier, Grainshore Road, Ayre Road, Pickaquoy Road, Great Western Road, Kirkwall (Travel Centre), Junction Road, Pickaquoy Road, A965 to Stromness (Travel Centre).

This service is subject to alteration at short notice depending on arrival / departure of the NorthLink ferry service linking Shetland, Kirkwall and Aberdeen. If the ferry service is cancelled the service will not operate. If the ferry is late, the service will depart 10 minutes after arrival of the vessel.


£0.70   Up to 1 mile
£1.10   2 miles
£1.30   3 miles
£1.40   4 miles
£1.60   5 miles
£1.70   6 miles
£1.80   7 miles
£2.10   8 miles
£2.20   9 miles
£2.30   10 miles
£2.40   11 miles
£2.50   12 miles
£2.60   13 miles
£2.70   14 miles
£2.90   15 miles
£3.00   16 miles
£3.20   18 miles
£3.40   19 miles
£3.50   20 miles +

Please note that standard concessionary rules apply to this service.

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