Changed your address?

Have you changed your surname, your postal address, your email or your phone number? You can easily update the information associated with your NorthLink Ferries ID online!

  1. In order to update your information, please click on our book online link.
  2. Type your NorthLink ID and Password into the pink ‘Login‘ box and click the Login button.
    If you have forgotten your NorthLink ID or Password, please request a reminder!
  3. Click on the link marked Your Information.
  4. You will then be able to update the information associated with your NorthLink ID.
  5. Once you are satisfied all your details are correct, click the Update button.

Please note: if you encounter any difficulties logging in, and the automated Forgotten ID page does not locate your NorthLink ID, please use our manual Forgotten ID page. This service can take up to 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

When requesting a reminder of your ID, please check that emails from NorthLink do not arrive in your Junk mail folder.