NorthLink Ferries are delighted to announce the ‘Landbridge’ promotion.

This offer enables passengers to travel from Lerwick to Kirkwall routing through Stromness to Scrabster (and back) at a special rate. It enables passengers to easily travel from Shetland to Caithness.

The special ticket price covers travel from Lerwick (dep 1730) to Kirkwall (arr 2300) and Stromness (dep 0630 – or 0900 at the weekend – the following day) to Scrabster (arr 0800 – 1030 at the weekend). The special rate will also apply on journey from Scrabster to Stromness, and on the next journey from Kirkwall to Lerwick.

The ‘Landbridge’ promotion is available during low, mid and peak season. To apply for the special ticket price, customers travelling Southward must travel on the first sailing from Stromness and those travelling Northward must take the 1900 Scrabster to Stromness sailing and the 2345 sailing from Kirkwall to Lerwick on the same evening.

Though customers can stay overnight in Orkney Accommodation, NorthLink Ferries also offer a Hamnavoe Bed and Breakfast cabin for a small extra charge for passengers taking the southward landbridge. This option allows customers to spend the night on board MV Hamnavoe in a comfortable en-suite cabin with a free breakfast before disembarking in Scrabster at 0800 (1030 on a Sunday).

Terms and Conditions for the ‘Landbridge’ promotion are as follows:

  • Offer for a special ticket price for LE-KI-ST-SC (and SC-ST-KI-LE) (covers foot passengers and domestic vehicles)
  • Open to islanders and non-islanders
  • Customers travelling Southwards must take the first sailing from Stromness. Customers travelling Northwards must take the 1900 Scrabster to Stromness sailing and the 2345 sailing from Kirkwall to Lerwick.