View the Sanday Seal Webcam

NorthLink Ferries are delighted to sponsor the Sanday Seal Cam. This is a great watch during late October, November and December – the time of year that grey seals come ashore to give birth!

Sanday’s Sealcam is ignored by the animals, so that the whole cycle of birth, feeding, weaning, and first swims of the pups can be observed without disturbance. Not everything is peace and goodwill, though. When there are several adults ashore, it is very clear that there is a personal space around each, and frequent territorial disputes arise.

Please note – the Sealcam may not always be in operation.

The camera is set up by Tris Thorne at Triscom Marine and is remotely-operated by ex-Sanday Ranger, Roderick Thorne. It overlooks two small Grey Seal breeding beaches on Sanday, one of the north isles of Orkney. An infrared camera enables viewers to see births, most of which happen at night.

Some of the seal behaviour was explained to us during an interview with Roderick Thorne – this makes for a fascinating read!

Please note: the sealcam may not work when viewed with older internet browsers.

We hope you enjoy watching the seals of Sanday!

Header image: Grey seals can be easily seen around the coasts of Orkney and Shetland photo © Copyright Charles Tait