Safety and Emergency Procedures Information

Please read this webpage carefully when sailing with NorthLink Ferries as it contains important information for your safety and welfare.

Emergency Procedures

You will see passenger emergency instruction notices in various parts of the vessel, on the passenger information screens and in the passenger cabins.

Please read these carefully, they contain important information about the General Emergency Signal, vessel’s Assembly Stations and the method of donning lifejackets.

The Emergency Signal is a succession of seven or more short blasts followed by one long blast on the ship’s whistle and on the ship’s alarm bells, which may be repeated until cancelled.

On hearing the signal, passengers should don warm clothing and proceed in an orderly manner to the Assembly Stations, where a crew member will notify passengers of the Master’s instructions.

Routes to the Assembly Stations are clearly marked by luminous arrows and by low-level emergency lighting.

The Assembly Stations are places on the vessel where passengers should assemble in the event of an Emergency. Each Assembly Station is identified by a square green and white sign with arrows in each corner pointing inwards to a picture of a family group.

The Assembly Stations on MV Hamnavoe are located at:-

  • Deck 5 Aft Lounge (near Children’s area)
  • Deck 6 aft “Brinkies” Bar
  • Deck 6 forward “Feast” Restaurant

The Assembly Stations on MV Hjaltland and MV Hrossey are located at:-

  • Deck 6 forward bar and adjacent side lounge
  • Deck 6 midships bar and self service restaurant aft

Lifejackets are to be found at the Assembly Stations, in lockers marked with a Lifejacket symbol. Children’s lifejackets are also available.

Please note this information will also be broadcast on the public information screens on-board on departure.

Thank you for your attention. We wish you a pleasant voyage.

Safety Information

We regularly analyse passenger incident reports within the business and as a consequence are in a position to highlight a range of recognisable scenarios, which if avoided will help make your journey with us a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Passengers are advised to exercise caution whilst moving around the vessel in adverse weather, please remain seated as much as possible, if you must move around please use the hand rails provided. Heavy weather announcements will be made over the public address system and information will be displayed on the passenger information screens.

Please be aware ships may move unexpectedly/suddenly at any time, this could be caused by a sudden or planned change of course, causing the vessel to heel over.

Watch your fingers whilst using doors both in the passenger areas and passenger cabins, especially when travelling with children, doors are fitted with closing devices which could lead to fingers being trapped if they are not held clear.

Be aware of trip hazards both in the internal passenger areas, passenger cabins and vehicle decks, these include for instance, shower and toilet thresh holds.

By highlighting some of the more common industry hazards we would hope that we can all enjoy a safer operating environment.

We can’t control the sea conditions, but we can help you prepare for your journey.

Thank you for your attention. We wish you a pleasant voyage.

Header image: MV Hrossey sailing from Shetland and Orkney into Aberdeen photo © Copyright Nick McCaffrey