NorthLink Ferries, working with Transport Scotland, have implemented a smart-ticketing solution to make booking, boarding and travelling easier.

Foot passengers can now utilise the SmartCards they use for bus and rail journeys for a trip to or from Shetland and Orkney. When booking online, customers can load a booking to their SmartCard. Then when checking in and boarding, customers can tap their SmartCard on a handheld scanner for less contact, less paper and less waiting.

With a range of SmartCards compatible, the new system is available to existing travel SmartCard users both locally and nationally.

The SmartCard option is available to single foot passengers who have booked a one-way journey with no cabins or extras.

Traditional ticketing will still be available and for those passengers who wish to add any extras such as a cabin, car, kennels or meals, the existing paper-based booking and ticketing process will still apply.

Header image: NorthLink smart ticketing – scanning your smartcard to board the ferry photo © Copyright Signal Ltd