Travelling with pets

We are happy to accommodate pets on our ferries to Orkney and Shetland. Animals can either travel in your vehicle or in one of our pre-booked kennels.

Things to know when travelling with NorthLink Ferries

  • Kennels should be booked in advance.
  • Kennels are heated and ventilated and water is provided for your pet to have a drink during the journey.
  • When on Serco NorthLink Ferries property pets should be kept on a lead.
  • Only support dogs are permitted in the ship’s internal public areas.
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to clean up after their pet (you may need to bring some cleaning utensils).
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to deliver and collect their pets from the kennels.

Passenger Checklist

  • Bowls to allow your pet to drink/eat.
  • A blanket/basket for your pet to sleep in, something familiar for them.
  • Any toys you think are suitable.

Foot Passengers Travelling with Pets

Foot passengers wishing to put their fury friend in the kennel facilities should follow the normal boarding procedure. Upon boarding you should then report to the reception desk on Deck 5. From there you will be escorted to the kennels by a member of staff.

When disembarking please report to reception again on Deck 5 and you will be escorted to retrieve your pet.

Vehicle Passengers Travelling with Pets

Vehicle passengers are welcome to book a kennel. Alternatively, pets may be left in suitably ventilated vehicles. Once boarded pets must remain in the vehicle and pets cannot be exercised on the car deck.

Vehicle passengers using the kennel facilities should take their pet to the kennel upon boarding. Please ask a crew member for directions.

We do request that passengers leaving pets in their vehicle consider the length of the journey and are aware that there is no unaccompanied access to the car deck during the voyage.

Access to kennels and the car deck

During the 90-minute journey on MV Hamnavoe there is no access to the kennels or car deck during sailings. Pets may stay in vehicles, a pre-booked kennel or on the outer deck but must not be left unattended while on the outer deck.

On MV Hjaltland and MV Hrossey, access to the kennels and car deck is restricted and passengers must be accompanied by a member of crew. Contact the reception desk on Deck 5 should you wish to see or exercise your pet, and please be aware that crew may not always be available.

Unaccompanied Animals

A customer collecting or leaving an animal in NorthLink kennels should report to the ferry terminal check in, where they will then be escorted on board. Please see the passenger checklist above for guidance on what to provide.

Kennel Sizes

  • Large (800mm wide x 1400mm depth x 1000mm height)
  • Small (500mm width x 700mm depth x 600mm height)

Passengers with more than one pet can have their animals share a kennel if they wish.