Films about the Orkney Islands

Onward Voyager to Orkney on MV Hamnavoe
Onward, Voyager to Orkney
A New Child: ECL by GMB
Your Orkney island adventure
Orca in Shetland and Orkney

Onward Voyager to Orkney on MV Hamnavoe

Travellers reaching the northern tip of Scotland will see dark islands on the horizon, rising like whales from the sea. These are the Orkney islands.

Leaving Scrabster for Stromness in Orkney on MV Hamnavoe, you’ll sail 30 miles, and west of Hoy. Along the way you’ll pass the proud sea stack, the Old Man of Hoy and further on, massive St John’s Head is the highest vertical cliff in Britain.

MV Hamnavoe arrives into the charming waterfront town of Stromness. For hundreds of years this is how tall ships, carrying explorers and merchants, arrived in Orkney. Stromness is the perfect starting point for your holiday and is located within seven miles of Orkney’s most important archaeological treasures.

MV Hamnavoe is a beautiful modern ship, purpose-built for the route, and equipped with comfort and accessibility in mind. She sails passengers and their vehicles to Orkney up to three times a day.

The range of facilities on board include a restaurant, bar, lifts between decks, a dog lounge, a gift shop, children’s play area, and Magnus’ Lounge – a space to work or unwind. The Hamnavoe bed and breakfast offering is popular, enabling passengers sailing on the first crossing from Stromness to board the evening before and sleep in a cabin on board.

Video by Stephen Mercer Productions.

Onward, Voyager to the Orkney Islands

Let us take you north to explore these fascinating islands that boast 6,000 years of habitation. Orkney is an archipelago steeped in historic treasures. The village of Skara Brae, and the circle of standing stones at the Ring of Brodgar offer tantalising clues to the lives of Neolithic people. More recent stories, of Vikings, Scottish Earls, and wartime drama, can also be heard.

Orkney’s low-lying fertile land is surrounded by a fascinating shoreline of stunning cliffs giving way to swathes of white sandy beaches – the perfect home for a rich array of birds, animals, marine life, and flowers. Discover Orkney with NorthLink Ferries.

Video by Stephen Mercer Productions.

A New Child: ECL by George Mackay Brown

Wait a while, small voyager
   On the shore, with seapinks and shells.

The boat
   Will take a few summers to build.
   That you must make your voyage in.

You will learn the names.
That golden light is ‘sun’ – ‘moon’
   The silver light
That grows and dwindles.

And the beautiful small splinters
   That wet the stones, ‘rain’.

There is a voyage to make,
   A chart to read,
But not yet, not yet.
   ‘Daisies’ spill from your fingers.
   The night daisies are ‘stars’.

The keel is laid, the strakes
   Will be set, in time.
A tree is growing
   That will be a tall mast

All about you, meantime
The music of humanity,
   The dance of creation:
Scored on the chart of the voyage.

The stories, legends, poems
Will be woven to make your sail.

You may hear the beautiful tale of Magnus
   Who took salt on his lip.
Your good angel
   Will be with you on that shore.

Soon the voyage of EMMA
   To Tir-Nan-Og and beyond.

Star of the Sea, shine on her voyage.

Poem reproduced by permission of the Estate of George Mackay Brown.

Supporting Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022.

Video by Stephen Mercer Productions.

Your Orkney Island Adventure

Discover Orkney’s fascinating wildlife, breathtaking coastlines, unique culture and the Old Man of Hoy with NorthLink Ferries.

With departures from Scrabster and Aberdeen, from the moment you step on board, our vessels offer the very best in comfort and safety.

For those travelling across the Pentland Firth from Scrabster in the Scottish Highlands to Stromness on the Orkney mainland, the MV Hamnavoe is the only vessel to travel past the Old Man of Hoy, one of the tallest sea stacks in Britain.

Video by Stephen Mercer Productions.

Orca in Shetland and Orkney

Shetland and Orkney are visited by various pods of Orca throughout the year. Always be on the lookout for a tall black fin when looking out to sea, particularly as you walk around the beautiful coastlines of these islands. Find out more facts about Orca here.

Video by Richard Shucksmith.

Header image: The Ring of Brodgar – a circle of standing stones in Orkney photo © Copyright Charles Tait