Prohibited items

Passengers are advised that a number of items that could be adapted or intended for use as an offensive weapon are not allowed on board ship without valid lawful reason.

These items include:

  • All firearms, guns and ammunition – more information
  • All explosives (including fireworks)
  • Any sharp, pointed and blunt weapons
  • All knives and sword blades (with a blade over 7cm long)
  • All open razors (such as cut-throat razors)
  • Archery and martial arts equipment, spears, spearguns and catapults
  • Incapacitating and inflammable substances (unless carried in limited quantities and in accordance with company instructions)
  • Any other item adapted or intended for use as an offensive weapon.

If you require further information or intend to travel with any of the above items please contact NorthLink Ferries for guidance.

Header image: Security collect boarding passes before passengers drive on board photo © Copyright Colin Keldie