Shetland Shops, Accommodation and Eating Out

Discover the best way to enjoy the Shetland islands, from the magnificent coastal scenery to the abundant wildlife, wildflowers, the rich heritage influenced by the past and the fields of Shetland Ponies. You’ll find a range of accommodation here, including self-catering cottages and crofts, cosy local hotels, welcoming bed and breakfasts, hostels and campsites to choose from.

Across 15 inhabited islands, it’s easy to find the best food and drink, including hand-crafted beers and spirits, fresh seafood, delicious Shetland lamb and sweets, bakes, chutneys and relishes to savour. Explore these dramatic islands on foot, by bike or rent a car – the sights of Shetland will capture its visitors’ hearts.

The clean and pure beaches, ancient brochs and Viking longhouses, lighthouses and ocean views can be enjoyed alone or as part of a guided tour, giving you the option to create your own perfect Shetland holiday.