Viklings Competition

Serco NorthLink Ferries has teamed up with artist Alex Leonard to debut a colourful new cartoon family of Vikings on the ferries to Orkney and Shetland, and now help is needed to name all eight members of the family – including a pet puffin and otter with some great prizes to be won!

NorthLink Ferries are launching a competition to name all eight members of the Vikling family – including a pet puffin and otter with some great prizes to be won.

The Viklings will appear on NorthLink ships in the Vikling’s Den children’s play area, on children’s activity sheets, in treasure hunts and on posters. They are also set to feature in a cartoon strip in future editions of NorthLink’s on board ‘Northern Lights’ magazine.

Use the form below to bring each character (numbered above) to life with an interesting name! Please note – you can name as many or as few characters as you would like. Eight winning entrants will receive a framed picture of their Vikling character along with a £50 NorthLink gift voucher.

The Vikling competition is now closed.
Thank you to all who entered.

  1. Harald Greybeard
    Named by: John Davies
  2. Olga the Unstoppable
    Named by: Lauren Hastings
  3. Runa
    Named by: Karen Brooks
  4. Torben
    Named by: Jonathan Jason
  5. Bonxie
    Named by: Elaine Hutchison
  6. Mara
    Named by: Doreen Ballantine
  7. Tam
    Named by: Jenny Beal
  8. Olander
    Named by: Rafi Linklater

Competition closes on Monday 31 May 2021.

There will be eight winners, with one name chosen for each character. If a number of people come up with the same winning name for a character, a winner will be drawn at random.

Header image: The Viklings image © Copyright Alex Leonard