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We are proud to use local produce where we can. On our menu you will see fresh locally-caught fish and Orkney reared beef.


  • Soup of the day with a petit pain roll. £4.49
  • Melon bowl. (v)(g)(ve) £4.49
  • Beetroot, Feta and Balsamic Salad £5.49
    Contains: Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites
  • Hot Smoked Salmon Pate with Oatcakes (Hjaltland and Hrossey only) £5.49
    Contains: Wheat, Oats, Fish, Milk, Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites

Main Courses

  • Fish and chips. Locally caught fillet of haddock in batter with a lemon wedge. £11.99
    Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Fish, Soya, Milk
  • Beef Chilli and Rice. £10.99
    Contains: Celery and Celeriac
  • Chicken Tikka, served with rice and naan bread. £11.49
    Contains: Milk, Mustard, Nuts
    Served without naan bread, this dish is a gluten-free option.
  • Balmoral Chicken. Chicken breast stuffed with haggis and served with a peppercorn sauce. £11.49
    Contains: Wheat, Oats, Milk, Celery and Celeriac
  • Hearty beef pie. Traditional steak pie infused with Brewdog Black Heart Stout. £11.99
    Contains: Wheat, Celery and Celeriac
  • Macaroni made with Orkney smoked cheese. (v) £9.99
    Contains: Wheat, Milk
  • Chef’s special. £9.99
  • Vegetarian chef’s special. (v) £8.99

All dishes served with mashed potatoes or chips and seasonal vegetables.

From the grill

Orkney beef burger with chips and salad
Orkney beef burger with chips and salad photo © Copyright Ian Georgeson
  • Beef burger in a brioche bun served with chips and salad £10.49
    Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Mustard
    – with cheese £10.99 / with bacon £10.99 / with cheese and bacon £11.49
  • Southern fried chicken burger in a brioche bun served with chips and salad £10.49
    Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Soya, Milk, Celery and Celeriac
  • Crispy Vegetable burger in a brioche bun served with chips and salad (v) £9.49
    Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Milk

Baked Jacket Potatoes and Sandwiches

  • Baked potatoes (ve)(g) £5.50
  • Fillings
    – choose from Chicken Tikka, Chilli , Tuna £2.99
    Contains: Milk, Mustard, Nuts, Celery and Celeriac, Eggs, Fish,
    – cheese, coleslaw, or baked beans £1.99
    Contains: Eggs, Milk
  • Selection of Sandwiches from £3.79

Salad choice

  • Selection of seasonal salad with dressings. Large £5.49 / Small £4.49 / Side £1.49


  • Cheese and ham panini £6.29
    Contains: Wheat, Milk
  • Cheese and tomato panini £6.29
    Contains: Wheat, Milk
  • Cajun Chicken and Cheese £6.49
    Contains: Wheat, Milk
Kids Ferry Special
Kids Ferry Special photo © Copyright Ian Georgeson

Kids Ferry Special

Served in your very own NorthLink ferry boat with mashed potatoes, chips or salad, a soft drink and either a Walls Calippo or a piece of fruit.

  • Fresh fish goujons £5.99
    Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Fish, Soya, Milk
  • Macaroni made with Orkney smoked cheese (v) £5.99
    Contains: Wheat, Milk
  • Battered chicken goujons £5.99
    Contains: Wheat


  • Orkney ice cream tub £3.29
    Contains: Eggs, Milk
  • Eton Mess £5.29
    Contains: Eggs, Milk
  • Dessert of the day. £4.99
  • Orkney Fudge cheesecake (Hamnavoe only) £4.99
    Contains: Wheat, Milk
  • Bowl of Orkney ice cream (Magnus’ Lounge only) £4.99
    Contains: Milk

(v) Vegetarian option
(ve) Vegan option
(g) please inform us if you would like the gluten-free version of this dish

Full Scottish Breakfast
Full Scottish Breakfast photo © Copyright Ian Georgeson

Breakfast Menu

  • Cereal and milk £2.99
  • Toast (2 Rounds) £1.99
  • Bacon roll £3.99
  • Sausage roll £3.99
  • Fried egg roll £3.99
  • Two item roll £4.99
  • Full cooked breakfast £10.99
  • Child’s full cooked breakfast £5.99
    (Available for children aged 15 and under and free if purchased with an Adult’s Full Cooked Breakfast)
  • Continental breakfast £7.99
  • Child’s continental breakfast * £4.49
    (Available for children aged 15 and under and free if purchased with an Adult’s Continental Breakfast)
  • Americano (decaffeinated available) £2.79
  • Cappuccino (decaffeinated available) £3.09
  • Espresso (decaffeinated available) £2.79
  • Flat White (decaffeinated available) £3.09
  • Latté (decaffeinated available) £3.09
  • Mocha (decaffeinated available) £3.19
  • Hot chocolate £3.19
  • Breakfast tea £2.89
  • Earl Grey £2.89
  • Herbal infusion tea £2.89

Prices valid from 6th May 2024

We understand our guests have varying degrees of dietary requirements and that our menus may not cater for everyone’s taste. If you have special dietary requirements, please contact us (at least 4 days prior to travel) or speak to a member of our on board team – we may be able to offer alternatives.

Gluten Free Options

  • Steamed Haddock.
  • Chicken Tikka (without naan bread).
  • Chef’s special. (For more information please contact us 4 days prior to travel. The special may not be available all evening, so eat early to avoid disappointment)
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Mashed potatoes, chips, rice and vegetables are all gluten free.
  • At present we do not stock gluten free pasta or flour.

Vegan Options

  • Vegan sausages. (Hjaltland and Hrossey only)
  • Vegan rolls.
  • Sweet Potato and Vegetable Ragu.
  • Baked Potatoes
  • At breakfast, beans, mushrooms, tomato and porridge are vegan options.
  • Soup. (Please contact us to request a vegan soup at least 4 days prior to travel)

Nut allergies

Whilst it is the case that our galley is a nut-free environment, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a completely nut-free environment on board our ships. Nuts are sold in the bar and in the shop, and we cannot control the foods other passengers might bring on board.

Header image: Fish in an island beer batter and chips are available in the Orkney and Shetland ferry photo © Copyright Ian Georgeson