Films about the Shetland Islands

Onward, Voyager to the Shetland Islands

A distinctively different experience awaits you at the most northerly extreme of Britain – the Shetland islands. The dramatic coastline is fascinating to explore, with imposing cliff faces, arches, caves, and stacks giving way to gentle bays with swathes of white sand beaches. Shetland is a natural home for an array of wildlife, sea life, bird life and native breeds of ponies and sheep.

Shetland is also an archaeological treasure trove for every era from the Iron Age, Bronze and even further back. From the Vikings to the Picts and Celts, all have left their mark on these islands. Discover Shetland for yourself with NorthLink Ferries.

Video by Stephen Mercer Productions.

Your Shetland island adventure

Shetland is a place for drama, with amazing seascapes and landscape to take your breath away, and a strong Viking heritage which is celebrated in winter during fiery Up Helly Aa.

With regular departures from Aberdeen and Kirkwall, from the moment you step on board, NorthLink Ferries vessels offer the very best in comfort and safety. Make sure you start your Shetland island adventure with NorthLink Ferries.

Video by Stephen Mercer Productions.

Orca in Shetland and Orkney

Shetland and Orkney are visited by various pods of Orca throughout the year. Always be on the lookout for a tall black fin when looking out to sea, particularly as you walk around the beautiful coastlines of these islands. Find out more facts about Orca here.

Video by Richard Shucksmith.

Otters in Shetland

Well-fed from Shetland’s abundant fishing grounds, otters can sometimes be seen along the coastline. Shetland has the highest density of otters in Europe, but most visitors wouldn’t be able to tell, as otters are very shy creatures. Find out more facts about otters in Shetland here. Onward, Voyager to Shetland and Orkney.

Video by Richard Shucksmith.

Experience Up Helly Aa with NorthLink Ferries

Experience one of Shetland’s Fire Festivals with NorthLink Ferries. During Up Helly Aa, which takes place annually on the last Tuesday of January, 1,000 men carry burning torches and set fire to a Viking longship. It’s quite a sight to see and one for the bucket list. There are also other, smaller community fire festivals throughout the winter months in Shetland. With daily sailings from Aberdeen to Shetland, seeing Up Helly Aa couldn’t be easier.

Video by Stephen Mercer Productions.

Header image: Weisdale in Shetland photo © Copyright Charles Tait