Aegir the wild dolphin and artist Gina Ramsay

Aegir the Wild Dolphin

The Wild Dolphin trail is a series of 50 dolphin sculptures which have been painted by local artists, creating an arts trail around the city of Aberdeen.

At the end of the 10 week trail the dolphins will be auctioned to raise funds for the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital and to protect the local wild dolphins.

NorthLink Ferries have sponsored a dolphin, named Aegir, who you’ll find in Aberdeen Railway Station. He is decorated with a Viking ship, fish and waves and he has also been bejewelled! Aegir was created in Orkney by artists Gina Ramsay and Sheila Fleet and we think he looks very handsome indeed!

Take a look at Aegir’s journey below:

IMG_4857Aegir in Aberdeen Railway Station

Aegir arriving at rail stationAegir is moved into position in the Aberdeen Railway Station

Dolphin 006Aegir travels on MV Hrossey

P1070344Aegir is well protected for his journey


dolphin17dolphin11Aegir pictured with artist Gina Ramsay

IMG_0119Aegir pictured with artist Gina Ramsay and Sheila Fleet, who bejewelled him!




P1050247Gina and Aegir, a blank canvas!

Here are some pictures of other Dolphins on the Wild Dolphins trail





Rainbow is sponsored by Mckenzie Print and can be found outside the NorthLink Ferry Terminal in Aberdeen. He is pictured with Aberdeen Terminal Manager Fiona Anderson and Customer Service Assistant Emma Monaghan

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