NorthLink Ferries open booking system with fares frozen to September 2023

Wednesday 18th January 2023

Transport Scotland has confirmed Fares on the Northern Isles ferry networks will be frozen for a further six months to help people and businesses from Scotland’s remote rural and island communities.

Following this announcement, Serco NorthLink Ferries has officially opened its booking system for spring and summer – giving people the opportunity to book forward travel up to September 2023.

Jim Dow, Serco’s Commercial Director for NorthLink Ferries, said: “We are pleased to be able to open our booking system up to September 2023, allowing people to book travel both to and from Shetland and Orkney.

“Last year’s passenger numbers show how popular the Northern Isles are with visitors, and we are committed to supporting the tourism sector while continuing to provide the lifeline service for islanders.”

Serco has operated the Northern Isles service since July 2012, providing scheduled lifeline passenger and freight services to the Northern Isles.

Bookings can be made at