The Vikling’s new pet

Saturday 27th September 2014

Children who travel with NorthLink Ferries this summer have been doing a fantastic job of drawing the Vikling’s new pet! Each entry receives a chocolate prize, and we’ve been delighted at the amazing Vikling pets that we have received from our younger passengers on board recently. Here are some of their brilliant drawings!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

We had to include a Puffin! We loved this little puffin

NorthLink Vikling Pet

Half dog, half mouse – with spots – brilliant! Well done Carina!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

A fantastic dragon from James!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

Who doesn’t like Zebras! We love your one Abigail!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

Very creative George! Well done!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

Awwww we love this little blue pet! A fab drawing Dena!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

We think this fiery red dragon is great! Well done Gabriel!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

What a wonderfully creative and fun pet! Hope you enjoyed Shetland, Kirsten!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

Why thank you Elias!!! We love your seahorse!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

The HUGE eye on this wee dragon really adds some character! Well done Rhiana!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

A very determined looking horse from Pippa – we love it!

NorthLink Vikling Pet

We loved this fun drawing from 7 year old ilona – they look like very happy Vikling pets!


We love this fearsome dinosaur!


This is a scary spikey pet!


We love this colourful fire-breathing dragon


This is a lovely horse!


We love this happy girl dog!


What a lovely pet!


The Vikling is uttering words oft spoken by anyone who has tried taking a cat for a walk!


Officially the coolest hedgehog ….ever!


We’re not sure if a great nose for smelling is a good idea with such big feet!


We’re sure John Wayne has a pair of trousers like this!


This is a lovely friendly dragon!


We love the scales and ears on this fellow!


This cat can wield a sword with its tail!


This dragon has a very cute face, despite the flames coming from it’s mouth!


We love this wildcat’s armour and spiked tail!


Who wouldn’t love a seal as a pet?


This pet has cool ears and scales!


We love David the Uni-saur’s stripey legs!


This was already a terrifying dragon before we realised it was called Whispering Death!


We love this Nessie / Giraffe / Kangaroo creation!


We love this colourful dog/bird monster!


This scary spiky bird is about to take off!


We really like this penguin’s scarf


Fear Me! We’re scared of this pet!!!


There aren’t enough purple animals in the world – we love this one!


This is possibly the cutest Vikling’s pet yet!


Why have one pet when you can have seven awesome ones?!


We love the scales and three eyeballs on this pet!


How amazing would it be to have an octopus as a pet?


We love the stripes on this snow tiger!

Vikling Pet 11

This one looks very fierce indeed!

Vikling Pet 12

We love this cat / leopard / bat hybrid!

Vikling Pet 13

This seal is protesting at being taken for a walk!

Vikling Pet 14

We love the flower on the end of this cat’s tail!

Vikling Pet 15

We really like the scaly nose on this happy pet!

Vikling Pet 16

This is the happiest dog in the world. Ever!

Vikling Pet 17

This pet makes us think of Christmas for some reason!

Vikling Pet 18

This creature is terrifying and happy at the same time!

Vikling Pet 19

This pet is beautiful and even has earrings and a necklace!

Vikling Pet 20

We love how colourful this pet is!

vikling pet1

We love this mishmash of animals!

vikling pet2

We love the red scales on this dragon!

vikling pet3

This monster doesn’t want to go on holiday!

vikling pet4

Everyone knows puffins don’t have horns! 😉

vikling pet5

A lovely colourful flying monster!

vikling pet6

This one’s a bit fearsome!

vikling pet7

A seal / dog creature – we love his ears!

vikling pet8

We really like that the pet is helping the Vikling by making his toast

vikling pet9

This one looks a bit bashful

vikling pet10

We love how posh this one looks!