Accessibility Options

NorthLink’s fleet of ferries to Shetland and Orkney provide easy access and provide a full range of facilities for disabled passengers. Please see the Company Accessibility Policy here.

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Accessible cabins for disabled passengers

On the overnight routes there are four cabins per ship designed for disabled users. Two of these cabins are designed to allow ease of access, whilst the other two cabins are fitted with lifting equipment.

Accessible cabins in the NorthLink Ferries ships

Cabins have two single beds at normal height. Cabins without lifting equipment have an additional drop-down berth available for a carer. All the disabled cabins are fitted with a television.

Accessible cabins have wide access electrically-operated doors and sinks at the correct height. Toilets are fitted with the required rails and handles. Each cabin is equipped with a waterproof seat which can be wheeled into the shower and toilet.

Bathroom in the Accessible cabins

Cabins are fitted with standard UK three-pin electrical outlets at 230 volts/50Hz.

If required passengers can also take oxygen bottles on board.

Accessible toilet and Shower

On deck 6 of the two larger vessels there is both an accessible toilet and shower situated in the midship’s stairwell.

Wheelchair access in restaurants, bars and lounges

There are tables with movable seats to allow wheelchair access in all the restaurants, bars and lounges.

Lifts are available in NorthLink Ferries terminals and ships

Boarding assistance for disabled passengers

Our staff will assist passengers either through the terminal or from the car deck with a wheelchair if required. Walkways make it possible to use a motorised wheelchair from terminal to ship and vice versa.

If you require use of the lift then please note that we strongly recommend that you notify us in advance so that a parking space next to the lift can be reserved for you.

The ‘Welcome’ app by Neatebox

The ‘Welcome’ app by Neatebox helps to overcome hurdles for passengers with specific accessibility requirements.

The free app allows users to indicate the areas they need customer service to be aware of and the specific assistance they require.

NorthLink Ferries will be able to greet customers using the ‘Welcome’ app by name and offer them the assistance they may require.

For more information about Neatebox and to download the app, please visit

Facilities in the Terminal

NorthLink Ferries have detailed descriptions of the facilities available in each Ferry Terminal. Please visit the links below to find out more about facilities in NorthLink Ferry Terminals for those needing special assistance.

Please talk to our staff about any other requirements at time of reservation on 0845 6000 449. Our staff will be delighted to assist and help make your journey as easy and comfortable as possible.

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