Leaving Aberdeen


Jamieson’s Quay, Aberdeen, AB11 5NP, United Kingdom

Aberdeen Ferry Terminal is located within the historic city of Aberdeen on the North East coast of Scotland. The port is a very convenient port of departure, being located just 125 miles from Edinburgh and 145 miles from Glasgow. Aberdeen is served well by all forms of public transport.


Aberdeen Ferry Terminal Facilities

  • Ticket Sales and Enquiries
  • Payphone
  • Hot and Cold Drinks Vending Machines
  • Left luggage
  • Lift
  • Disabled Access
  • Disabled Toilet

Aberdeen Terminal with Union Square


The left luggage facility is available to passengers who are booked for the same day’s sailing from 08:00 up until 2 hrs 15 mins before departure.

Luggage must be labelled for the onward voyage (e.g. Kirkwall or Lerwick).

It is the responsibility of passengers to transfer their own luggage from the left luggage facility to the luggage trolleys. All items of baggage are left at the owners risk and maybe subject to searching if regulations require.

Parking at Aberdeen Ferry Terminal

Car parking (hourly/daily rates apply) is available nearby the Aberdeen Terminal at

  • The car park at Commercial Quay is operated by Aberdeen Harbour Board. Parking is allowed for a maximum of 72hrs.
  • Union Square (www.unionsquareaberdeen.com/parking) which is 3 minutes away. This is surface parking for standard parking bay size vehicles, with no height restriction.
  • NCP Ship Row (tel: 07867 500780) which is 15 minutes away. There is a height restriction of 1.9m. A discount is available to NorthLink Ferries passengers with a validated NCP ticket (tickets are validated on return in the NorthLink Ferries Terminal Aberdeen and prices are £9 for each of the first 3 days and £6 for each day after that.) Please note: This Discount is subject to change by NCP without notice.

Parking for oversized vehicles / vehicles with tows is available at Aberdeen Beach Boulevard and Esplanade.

In the morning

Only the driver needs to come down to the car deck (when called) to remove the vehicle from the ship. Passengers are welcome to stay onboard until 9.30am (last orders for breakfast is 9am) and can leave by the passenger walkway, if they prefer.

Drivers may return to the ship after moving their vehicles – go into the passenger terminal and through the walkway, and show your boarding card to security.

The 727 Jet Bus service to Aberdeen Airport leaves the NorthLink Ferry terminal after the ship arrives in the morning (and returns from the airport in the afternoon)! You’ll find the bus stop just outside the terminal. For more details about this daily service please view the 727 Jet Bus timetable here.

Aberdeen Terminal and parking

Aberdeen Terminal Breakfast Parking

Please note that we now have a designated parking area for those passengers wishing to return to the ship for breakfast.

Please enter and exit spaces via lane 10. Thank you.

Checking in at Aberdeen

As the Aberdeen terminal is in the city centre, passengers should allow sufficient time if arriving by car. Check-in at Aberdeen Ferry Terminal commences two hours prior to departure. Car drivers are recommended to check in at least one hour prior to departure.

Final check-in is 30 minutes prior to departure.

Aberdeen Ferry Terminal Opening Hours
Monday06:45 - 19:00
Tuesday 06:45 - 17:00
Tuesday *06:45 - 19:00
Wednesday06:45 - 19:00
Thursday06:45 - 17:00
Friday06:45 - 19:00
Saturday06:45 - 17:00
Sunday 06:45 - 17:00
* 19:00 closing from 1st Jan - 31st Mar, and 1st Nov - 31st Dec.
Office opening times may vary during Festive Season and Dry Dock.

Information about the terminal for disabled customers

Location of Aberdeen Ferry Terminal

  • The venue is situated within the centre of the city of Aberdeen.
  • The venue is not on a road with a steep gradient.


  • This venue does not have its own car park.
  • The convenient dropoff point is located outside the main entrance

Outside Access

  • There is not level access to the service.
  • The main doors open automatically.
  • The main doors slide open
  • The main door opening is 174cm wide.
  • There is a second set of doors.
  • The second doors open manually.
  • The second doors open towards you (pull).
  • The second doors are heavy
  • The second door opening is 160cm wide. [/expand]

Access Levels

  • There is a slope to access this area.
  • The slope is located in front of the entrance.
  • The slope is gradual.
  • The slope is permanent.
  • The width of the slope is 313cm.
  • There are 2 entrances into the terminal building, one at either side and details are identical for both.


  • The reception desk is 5m from the front entrance.
  • There is level access to reception from the entrance.
  • The reception desk is high.
  • Lighting levels are bright.
  • There is a hearing assistance system.
  • Any passengers who require any form of assistance should enquire at the reception desk and staff will arrange for help. [/expand]

Inside Access

  •  There is level access.
  • This venue does play background music.
  • The lighting levels are bright.

Other Floors

  • The floors which are accessible by stairs are Ground Floor and First Floor.
  • There are 15+ steps between floors.
  • The lighting level is bright.
  • The steps are clearly marked.
  • The steps are medium height.
  • The steps have a handrail on both sides.
  • There is a landing.
  • The stairs lead up to the walkway which then leads to the ferry.


  • There is a lift for public use.
  • The lift is a standard lift and is located adjacent to reception.
  • The floors which are accessible by this lift are Ground Floor and First Floor.
  • The lift is 8m from the accessible entrance.
  • Staff do not need to be notified for use of the lift.
  • The dimensions of the lift are 110cm x 150cm.
  • There is a mirror to aid reversing out of the lift.
  • The lift has a visual floor indicator.
  • The lift does not have an audible announcer.
  • The lighting level in the lift is bright.
  • The lift does not have Braille markings.
  • The lift does have tactile markings.
  • The lift takes passengers from the ground floor to the walkway which then leads to the ferry.

Adapted Toilets

  • There are adapted toilets within this venue designated for public use.
  • The toilet is for the sole use of disabled people.
  • The adapted toilet is 3m from the accessible entrance.
  • The adapted toilet is located adjacent to the reception desk.
  • This is a unisex toilet.
  • A key is not required for the adapted toilet.
  • The door opens outwards.
  • The door is locked by a twist lock.
  • The dimensions of the adapted toilet are 153cm x 220cm.
  • There is not a functional emergency alarm available.
  • Disposal facilities are available in the cubicle.
  • Wall mounted rails are available.
  • As you face the toilet the wall mounted grab rails are on both sides.
  • There are mirrors in the adapted toilet.
  • Mirrors are placed at a lower level or at an angle for ease of use.
  • The height of the toilet seat above floor level is 48cm.
  • There is a hand dryer.
  • The hand dryer is 120cm high.
  • There is not a towel dispenser.
  • There is a toilet roll holder.
  • The toilet roll holder is 110cm high.
  • There is a sink.
  • The sink is 74cm high.
  • The contrast between the walls and floor is good.
  • Lighting levels are bright.
  • There are baby changing facilities in the adapted toilet.

Standard Toilets – Availability and Location of Standard Toilets

  • Standard toilets are available.

Access to Standard Female Toilets

  • The female toilets are located adjacent to reception.
  • The female toilets are 10m from the accessible entrance.
  • Lighting levels are low.

Access to Standard Male Toilets

  • The male toilets are located adjacent to reception.
  • The male toilets are 7m from the accessible entrance.
  • Lighting levels are bright.

Baby Change Facilities

  • Baby change facilities are not located within the standard toilet.

Additional Information

  • Registered assistance dogs are welcomed.
  • There are wheelchairs available to borrow free of charge.
  • These are only available for use between the Terminal Building and the Ferry.
  • Opening times vary depending on both seasons and sailings.
  • Passengers are advised to contact NorthLink Ferries on 0845 6000 449 for further information.
  • Please ask at reception on arrival.
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