Shetland Instagram accounts to follow

We know, that when visitors come to Shetland, they want to be armed with as much knowledge as possible, and what better way than to hear it from the horse’s mouth! We thought we would give you some islander insights to help you plan your next Shetland adventure.

@whatsusansees has a unique way of capturing the light and an artistic eye for the details that many of us will walk on past. Everyone should take a moment to see the world through Susan’s eyes.

The following are our top 12 of the best Shetland Instagram accounts to follow:

Promote Shetland - Shetland Instagram accounts
Mavis Grind sunset photo © Copyright @shaun_m_


Promote Shetland are the biggest account with Shetland content, and the chances are you follow them already. They do a great job promoting all aspects of life in Shetland and their website has lots of helpful travel advice, walks and much more besides.

Shetland Nature - Shetland Instagram accounts
Otter and cub photo © Copyright Brydon Thomason


Brydon Thomason at Shetland Nature is a tour operator, naturalist and wildlife photographer, based in the most northerly island of Unst. His photos are cracking and are sure to inspire you on your next getaway. Capturing the wildlife in its natural environment, he shows a side of nature that is seldom seen or immortalised in the lens of a camera.

Shetland By Drone - Shetland Instagram accounts
Seal beach photo © Copyright Shetland by Drone


Shetland by Drone gives a unique perspective of the islands which, for most of us, we will never see. If you want to see Shetland from the air, this is where to go! Reaching far-flung places, Andrew and his drone certainly go the extra mile to bring us the best of Shetland’s outstanding scenery and landscape.

What Susan Sees - Shetland Instagram accounts
Puffins at Sumburgh Head photo © Copyright What Susan Sees Photography


Susan Molloy is a photographer based in Shetland who captures the islands, its people and culture beautifully. She has a unique way of capturing the light and an artistic eye for the details that many of us will walk on past. Everyone should take a moment to see the world through Susan’s eyes.

Shetland With Laurie - Shetland Instagram accounts
Gannets of Noss photo © Copyright Laurie Goodlad


Laurie is a Shetland tour guide and writer who shares daily inspiration from Shetland and writes a useful travel blog on her website If you want an authentic, unfiltered glimpse at Shetland, this is an account worth following.

Ruth Brownlee - Shetland Instagram accounts
Calm Shetland seas photo © Copyright Ruth Brownlee


Ruth Brownlee is a Shetland-based artist who shares her island inspiration on Instagram. Using the sea as her main study, she paints captivating oil paintings that depict the visual drama of Shetland’s coastal landscapes. This, her personal account, is where she shares all that inspires her from her seaside home.

Tango Raindrop - Shetland Instagram accounts
Shetland food photo © Copyright Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary


Britain’s most northerly food blogger, adventurer and adopted Shetlander, Elizabeth’s well-curated Instagram feed will take you on a foodie journey that’s interwoven with exhilarating bike rides, hikes and kayaks thrown in for good measure. She shares all her recipes on her fantastic blog, Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary.

Islander Joy - Shetland Instagram accounts
Shetland islands photo © Copyright @islanderjoy


Shetlander Joy is another photographer who is inspired by Shetland, and her captures of the raw energy of the sea, the soft hues of a simmer dim sunset and the people who live here are sure to put a smile on your face. Her grid is a work of art, beautifully presented, welcoming and honest.

Ellie Duncan - Shetland Instagram accounts
House on a Shetland shore photo © Copyright Ellie Duncan


Emerging photographer and ceramicist Ellie Duncan is also worth following. Her photos of the sea and all its changeable beauty and power are fantastic. Her photos are relaxing, soothing and very unique and available to buy on Etsy.

My Shetland Garden - Shetland Instagram accounts
Hiking in Shetland photo © Copyright Misa Hay


Misa Hay is the founder of @shetlandwooladventures, and this is her personal account and blog (, where she enjoys growing in her northern garden, knitting, hiking and cups of steaming hot coffee. Her photos are inspiring, varied and they demonstrate that just because we live way up north, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy beautiful, fresh produce from our gardens!

Iona Brak - Shetland Instagram accounts
Grey seal photo © Copyright Billy Arthur


Billy Arthur’s account is a fascinating glimpse into Shetland’s underwater world. Most people never get the chance to dive this deep into Shetland’s natural heritage, and his images of the plants and animals found beneath the surface are tantalising!

Southspearmedia - Shetland Instagram accounts
Dore Holm in Shetland photo © Copyright Nick McCaffrey


Another drone account to follow, Nick is a professional drone operator, and the chances are, if you’ve seen Shetland from the air on TV or a NorthLink advert, you’ve seen some of Nick’s work! Not only does he do drone photography, but he also photographs from terra firma and enjoys an adventure lifestyle to boot so you can be assured that his photos are always action-packed. He’s also a keen cetacean follower so you can be sure to get some unrivalled footage of the whales that can be spotted in Shetland.

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Header image: Mousa Broch, Shetland By Drone photo © Copyright Shetland by Drone